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The masseur is a professional figure who fits easily into different work contexts, from gyms to beauty and wellness centers, passing through hotels, resorts and doctors' offices.
However, it is a competitive profession that requires a high level of training and updating.

Through my courses, I would like to share my knowledge and experience on Hygia Methody® to spread this practical source of great well-being.


  Innovative and exclusive massage method that comes from the union between lymphatic drainage, modeling massage and gymnastics            passive.
  Three treatments in one to shape the body, restore the tone and elasticity of the muscles, activate the metabolism and drain. 
  It also reduces the centimeters in a localized way thanks to its firming action.

  Massage characterized by different techniques together that I have personally created.
  The goal is to drain the tissues, reactivate circulation and ensure a greater supply of oxygen to the skin to stimulate production      natural elastin and collagen, essential substances for a bright, toned and smooth face.
  The practice makes the face less swollen, enhancing the shape and naturalness of the skin.
  It is an anti-aging face massage that produces a "natural lifting" and painless effect.

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